KPAB's Scrip Fundraiser is an easy way to earn money for your student and the Kamiak performing arts programs of your choice.  Scrip are gift cards from a wide variety of popular retailers, and when you purchase them, a portion of the money spent goes to your student and a portion goes to his/her performing arts program.

Scrip cards have a rebate of varying amounts, typically between 4 - 16 percent.

For example, a $100 gift card with a 4% rebate is distributed in the following way:
  • 10% (40 cents) of the rebate goes to KPAB 
  • 10% (40 cents ) of the rebate goes to the KPAB program of your choice (e.g., band, orchestra, choir, etc)
  • 80% ($3.20) of the rebate goes to your student’s account 

Repeated small earnings add up when Scrip gift cards are used for everday expenses such as groceries, eating out, or gas.   Physical gift cards are available for purchase from the Scrip Coordinators, and many are available  for purchase electronically to use via your smartphone technology.

Your Scrip Coordinators sell physical gift cards every other Tuesday from 6:00 – 6:30 pm at the Starbucks located near Walgreens (10100 Mukilteo Speedway).  Contact us at the below email to inquire about schedule specifics or check the Kamiak Performing Arts Calendar of Events on the Home page.

Stop by to enroll or print an enrollment form at this link:   Form KPAB Scrip Enrollment.pdf .  There are a variety of gift cards from national retailers to choose from, as well as local favorites, such as QFC.  Click on this link for a full list of retailers:   Scrip Retailers 12.2.17.pdf . Orders are placed every two weeks and the rebate earnings from the gift cards are distributed on a monthly basis to Kamiak student accounts and the performing arts programs.
Questions? Contact Deborah Halverson or Melinda Toom, Scrip Coordinators, at KPABscrip@gmail.com